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PARLE KREYOL is highlighting the importance of speaking Haitian Kreyol. The Haitian people who migrated to America made sure to maintain their culture in America by speaking Kreyol to their loved ones through community, love and liberation. It allowed families to not completely assimilate to American Culture, keeping its roots to allow the next generation to build morality, ethics and value. The language is a symbol of freedom. The language assisted soldiers during the slave revolt from 1794-1801 to have a communication base with each other to develop war tactics to beat the French government to gain their freedom. 

The carefully stitched patch is a replicate of a stamp in Haiti that shows the first flag to be established after the slave revolt in 1804. The designer wanted to write The word "PARLE" small to compare the importance of the French language to the Kreyol language. Our goal is to make sure history is always captured in our installments for HAITI and nothing more.

The back of the Shirt highlights :
“The Kreyol language should not be known as broken down French. Rather it’s a glorious symbol of our freedom” - Ayiti 
(Congo language branch - Fangbe & Igbo Tribe)

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- True to size 

- Considered a Regular fit; cut with some room through the chest and body

- Crewneck

- Long sleeves 

                   - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

                   - Preferable Dry Cleaning

                     - Man is wearing Large (Height - 6’1)

                     - Woman is wearing Large (Height - 6’1)